Missin' you...

100 days've passed,yet I've never really thought about this.I feel guilty.Very.
18/3 ---Sunway class trip remember?Seems so long ago.Reached home when I got the news from my mum.Never thought that'll be the day when you'll leave us.100 days back then..man..If I were to just call you that very day and talk ta ya,maybe I won't be feelin' like this?And crap,I'm sorry,sorry grandma.

Thinkin' back to the days when I was much much younger with ya,hmm..I should've done more back then.I knew,deep inside that this was comin' sooner or later yet doin' nothing is the worst worst part.Regrettin' things undone is very much useless already.

Like it or not,appreciate people around ya.

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