Untitled lol

Whew~Just played tennis with ma' dad.I feel so energised now! I know~I'm supposed to be da' total opposite~O well,It was fun at least.Still gotta train ma' overhead serve.Went to the barber after that.10 mins of cut-cut.chik-chik*~hair gone* TT

Went shoppin' just now for JayM's present.His B'Day's tomorrow! Really feel guilty ya know~all those years I never even bought somethin' fer him.Termorow's his last year celebratin' in school so I gotta give somethin' good eh?Yea,I've got it.

Weather's down for today huh~Ferget ter keep ma' shoes.All's wet and soaky now.Anyway,I'm gettin' a new pair later.xP By the way,Raf,if you're readin this,know that I vote 'Yes!' twice only la~Don't get so jumpy over some small business k.SmileAlways*

And yea,thanks for the support BeiBei for the song 1234! Long Live PlainWhiteT!!!
Gotta go for now.Beep.