We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
and the flashback starts
Im standing there
On a balcony in summer air

...little did I know~

That you were Juliet,and being throwned by pebbles
My mommy said stay away from Romeo
And I was shoutin' on the staircase
Beggin' you please don't go~~And I said!

Juliet come with me,somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waitin' all there's left to do is run
I'll be the prince and you'll be the princess
Its a love story baby just say yes~

Seriously.You have to know this song.It's on my mind the whole week and I really,really can't get it orf~yerrrr~This Taylor gal's not bad actually.I like her free-movin' country music style~bleKk
Don't feel like bloggin' after my guitar banGed da' wall so many times yesterday~(Guyz are care-less).HmMmm..Love huh?Love's hard.Love's ain't somethin' to play with(Chen,read this).Love's unpredictable,I can say.Wierd,solid and unpredictable going together?That's love.It's not hard to grasp the understandin' if ya ever had it~Well,I felt love before.Strangely,I was 10 then~(guys are usually still childish at that kinda age =.=)
The next part is skippable.Don't mind skippin' if ya don't feel like readin'.


(Wheels rollin' back)I was in ma' 4th year in primary school when she made me~tingle~*Its that tingling feelin' that makes it different.It's funny,happy,bouncy,munchy,greeeeny,jumpy and all mixed up.get it?It was the first day in school and I was prayin' to whatever guy up there to let me be beside her.And guess what,I was seated beside her!(well,we usually don't get to sit wherever we want in primary.Dapends on da' teacher)Imagine how I feel! Feeeeeel it babe~
Come to think of it,I don't feel shy sittin' beside her,or even quiet(being kids).We talked,wrote to each other(Seriously! She's the first and the only one till now that ever wrote to me!I mean letters~ =.=),we even played masak-masak,got the idea?

I read her letters again,again,and again~You guyz gotta' believe me.But then there was this phat irritatin' guy behind us,he was too noisy or somethin' so,I was shifted to somewhere else.I don't really remember why.Away from her.For once,I cried.No,i'm not joking.I was really havin' a tough time in school that day.I can't burst in front of da' teacher,yet I'm explodin' inside.It's really hard to explain here(ask me personally if yer wanna know)~I went home that day and more cries from ma'self.(I feel like a girl now)I bathe,ate,slept.Now this's da' unbelievable part.I had an heartache!! Aiyo~Pain you know~really pain~I still remember,I thought i was having some heart problem or somethin' and even considered tellin' ma' mum bout' seeing da' doc.LolZ.But what have I to say?Since then I knew love songs were true.Love hurts.Haiz.. ma-fan~It's a piece of blob in ma' memories now~

I moved on to form 1.Fell for another gal.But that was just some itsy-bitsy pup-love. Dissmissed*Another one in form 2.Another in form 3.(Hey,we're human rite~).Form 4 I said ta ma'self,Love's really naggin',get over it.Now what,Form 5~? I'll write bout' it after I'm outta this school* =.= (Just in case I can't face those gals~I mean in case anyone of them s' readin this.)Yea,rite,I think a close friend-friend relationship's will do better than couplin'~from ma' own experience~ Hema,you readin'?


I notice it's a trend now huh writin' bout events of the week from Mon~Fri.I'll just do it backwards.Almost every form5 write about stress,mainly~Haiz..Enjoy guyz~It's your last year in secondary life! (provided you're not goin' ta form 6! kekek)Of course,I never said Enjoy=NoStudy.I meant Enjoy=StudyHappily~I study too lo!How are you gonna answer your kids in the future when they ask ''PaaMaa~What did you do when you're seventeen?''.C'mon~Don't tell me you're gonna say 'stressful.'.You're only seventeen once ya know~And I really wanna feel seventeen.With SPM and all the fun together.Not just go bloggin' bout stress everytime~

Well,for a start,I played tennis with Bryan and Deng this morn.2 hours of sweat.I really am going down.We had fun.They were preparin' for the MSSD competition.I was actually gonna' take his(Deng) place buta...Pn Fauziah gave a no-no ta us.Haih~

I was shocked yesterday.Remember my post bout' me being 75 kg?Yea,we guys weighed ourself during PJ and guess wat,I'm 70 already!!!Target Achieved.It's muscle toning time! Guess going to the library every recess helps eh?Damn! Don't know whether it's da' machine's problem or what! xP 177.5cm for ma' height.Not bad eh?heheh Gotta' boast a bit here~! Target: 180cm ! Nothing really happened durin' history class.N a..JianLiang sang his song during the last class.Impressive.But...he still got kicked out from da' chinese singin' competition.
Never got to hear him sing anyway,was busy in the computer lab~Being Pengerusi means helpin' around fixin' other peoples' prob.It was easy,jammin' the plugs around the CPU and done*! After that was sports,everything fine*Nothing much~blablabla~

Thursday~Eeeeeeeeeeh~Thursday ar...Blank* I don't remember anything.Except History class. Ittiqan'-ilmuluk bi'tadil-il'suluk.

BM Drama on Wednesday.I did ma' part.''Pelayan~'' Yea,and it was Pn.Chong's Bday~We (5S1,5S2,5S3) sang her different versions of the song(English,Malay,Chinese,Tamil~).I love being Malaysian~xP It was stay-back for me after that.It's for the Scouts' marchin'.N yea, Pn.Chong did celebrate her B'day again with the teachers in the library~I'm sooOOoo lucky that I'm there.Got a pic with her too.(I'll show you guyz after JingHui sends me those)

Tuesday~Should be a not bad day~Practised drama in class.Can't remember much.

Monday~AwwWww...I had the malay creative writing competition.2 hours.1 1/2 page for me.Soon and David did 2++page~Am I right?No face~Don't wanna talk about it.BleKkk*
Just got back to class when I got invited to join the drama.HmmMMmm..that's all i guess.

I still have some fragmented memory which I don't know which day it fits in.So here goes~
I broke my spec's nose-fitter(not sure whether I've done the naming right).So~I gotta use ma' spare specs from now on till it's repaired.It's my first specs by the way.Power's the same.Just some slight difference in the frame.Though the case is...somehow..familiar~heheh
I'm sure DiDi knows why~

Can I use this at school?It's gonna bring some talk about though~heaheaheah

Guyz of 5S1 with Pn.Chong~

Anyone who wants those pics for that day's shoot,i'll send it ta ya via msn.And also,If luck's not on ma' side,by monday my hair will be cut-cutED. x.x
Kayk.Nothing else ta talk about.For now i think Plain White T's 1 2 3 4 's (it's a song la~ =.=) hookin' up on ma' mind.Go check it out people.Sweet*
This should be my longest blog~cheeerS* Anyway,bloggin' orf in 3....2....1....Beep*

p.s. Di~when will ya have dinner with me? xD