Someone Tag Me!

Snap loads of pic today with ma' class.Well,some with others~I won't be postin' them here though.
I'll send it to you guys via msn.But,1 pics gotta be up.

Nice 1 eh~I know I know~you want your face here~But I'm just tooo lazy.Didn't really got everyone's pic accordingly.It's soo informal.Another scout practice on Friday.Nic,if you're readin' this,it's 2.30 to 5.And you better come cause there's this new formation you've gotta know.

I'll be postin' jokes too.Just for gags.Bring humour to your life in case it's sooOoo ungrinable?
Done ma' work fer today.Just lack of revision.So DiDi's haven't start her's yet huh~you make me feel safe~ xD
And someone tag me!!! I just love it!
And yea,almost forgot.Thanks for the umbrella Di. =D