Happy 2-weeks-old!

My blog's 2 weeks old! Long live Say-Greeeeen-n-Grin!

Pn.Chong's leavin' us.Some swappin' between classes has to be done.Sad.What can I you we they say.Haih~Just in case any of ya here don't know who she is,I'll put it simple.She's a genius.In Math stuff only,of course. =P

There was this career exhibition (pameran kerjaya?) in school today too.Makes my head go wild, Really.I'm just really confused bout' ma' future.But I still dream a lot~lolz First choice for me would be:Gaming.What could I be with it?Programmer?Designer or something?And I don't think the income's good in M'sia.Some would just say leave,but I don't really like the idea of being so far from DiDi~HmMmm..Accounting and architecture comes in second.I don't fancy accountin' but do you read the papers?To me,accountin'=$.(true?).But I think the balanced one should be architecture fer me.I like the idea of using both sides of ma' brain doin' different stuff every different day.lol.I mean both the scientific and the creative,artistic side babe~Interestin'. Though ma' da' said its a job with hard cash.I don't know.I don't like designin' cars,programs,food?But buildings should be fun.

Man,I should be focusin' on SPM first.Like ma' mama said,don't fall for the steps in front of ya while wanderin' too far off ahead.Life's like this huh?Stop sulkin'(to myself).Anyway,JayM's Bday's yesterday.Pics below.

He's one happy boyo.

Cake's delicious.Don't like the blackberries though~

''I wish I had {2+[(3/5)x5.34]-2} more cakes.''mumbled JayM,to himself.

Don't cha know that's evil.

'Finally,you know how I feel~''

I'm da last guy without specs eh?

'No one stands in ma' way,I'm 17! WooHoooOoo!'

That's about it.JayM's last year in school.Mine too.We're all gonna leave.Life's like that.Haiz~
Gonna get a crash course on Photoshop this Sun.Wonder what'll turn out?And yea,we're gonna have some class photo shoot tomorrow too.I'll post em' after that.Cheers*
Time flies.Remember doing drama last week today.Well,what can I do?Feel like doomsday's approachin' yet I ain't gettin' a move on.Havn't even started ma' revision.Don't know how SiewPao and DiDi and Yi Von and Li Ginn and J.Ying and arrrgGhhh~the Whole S1 cope with this! Anyone's there to tell me ya haven't start revising? (Question applies only to humans of S1. Nic.Not u.) xD

Staying back at school tomorrow.Should be the last marchin' practice for us scouts.
Kay,done bloggin'.I'm surprise ma'self that I have da time ta do this.I just can't get ma'self to study!