CHERISH, the marissa philip LIVE from Georgia!

Yeah! Finally I'm done with Undangs! Passed with 46/50! I'm so proudy proud of m'self!
What's the most shockin's that I saw Cherish! Yes, Cherish! On the same van to the
Undangs place but she dropped off half way there. Harharhar. Dropped off. Nice~
But there's CHERISH! Oh man, it was so unexpected! In the same movin' vehicle!
Philip Georgia! You're still alive! Ha! She's on her way to the 6-hours bengkel though..
I'm goin' to that next Saturday perhaps. And I'll catch up with her drivin' class. Hohoho.
Cherish~! Cherish! Cherish~!!! ' I'm still callin' you like crazy! ' x)

Camp's over. CNY's over. Ball's over. Undangs over. Next's sis' B'day! It's on this comin'
Monday but she's celebratin' today with her friends. Oh my... here comes lil' girls. A bunch!
Plus plus, SPM results' comin' out this Thursday! Wow! I'm only lookin' forward meetin'
the old mates. Haha. One event after another~ Life's indeed stuffy. Hoho.

Just find this pic interestin'. Haha.

p.s. Cherish, your name's on today's title! Beat that! =P

p.p.s. So rebellious! x.X

p.p.p.s. Bought my C-key Harmonica! Finally! Finally! Finally! x)

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