Off to Shanghai! ☺

Yes! We'll be going down to 'Auntie' 's 70th birthday anniversary party at a restaurant somewhere later this evening sometime after my mum's back from somewhere stocking up somethings for our SURVIVAL in China!

We just called her 'Auntie' for the fact that we still don't know her name after 2 long years on planet Earth. Aiks* And ' Uncle' for her hubby~ He may be 70+ years old but he ain't sittin' on his rocking chair just yet, he's coaching Malaysia's national Badminton players! Fu-yoh! Well of course I mean that he don't coach on his rocking chair but still plays larh of course. LoLLy.

Met the lovely couple 3 years ago while touring Beijing, and, we actually saw the Bird's Nest under construction that time. Preparing for the Olympics last year. Cool*

Anyway, was just wondering who we'll meet this time. =P

Will be catching the midnight plane to Shanghai tonite!

Will be back, SOON! Tataa~ Till then.

p.s. All the best to those takin' Chinese yea!


Note to self :
Try to get as much sleep on the bumping, shaking, tilting, squeezy seat on the plane
before the tour starts dragging you across China. Try to get bargains at maximum at
everything. Try deer meat this time. Don't just survive on Maggi Hot Cups. Remember
charging the camera's battery. Snap around everything! Bon Voyage !