Wow, I've made a mistake, sorry sorry. This's only my 88th post now!?
Wierd. I think Blogger's havin' some kinda problem. Guess all these networks have to have em'.
Even Facebook's sometimes going crazy. @.@ Twitter works fine so far though~
Speaking of Facebook, I've just broke my own rule by visitin' it. Urrgh~
You know what's the real battle now? It's not the books or the facts, it's gettin' control of
yourself to not lose focus! Shoot! Grr..Must have a better self-discipline..
Fine, so this being only my 88th post, I'll have lots and lots of things to blog yet before it's my 100th. I think I'll blog everyday. Just short updates perhaps. Hmm.. this'll keep me away from facebook. /sweat

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