Up,up and away!

I still can't believe this! Pinch me somebody! My HD 4-8-7-0!!! It's either comin' this eve or tomorrow! I just can't wait for it!

Its 'the' HD4870!

I was plannin' to blog bout' my trip to JB yesterday,but I was just tooooooo overexcited bout' this! O well,pics from JB...

Cousin Bro,he's my only source of entertainment there~more like a livin' toy~kekekk

Me and the boyo.

The Wii controller.I've gotta play it for like 3 hrs!! x.X Thx to my cous' who always goes (cute voice)''Allister koko..来跟我玩 wiiiiiii~!''
Me,sis,n grandma~Bro's bathin'.too bad.

That's about it~Now for the pics of teacher's day....

Teacher's singin'.I think.. =)

Eyes as you requested Soon! Fu-Yoh! I've gotta admit,it was really scary lookin' at those eyes alone in my room~! Their just starin' into you... xD

Our beloved Pn.Miena catchin' her own density~ =D
It's the last day! Why so serious? kekekekMistress of the treesssss...He's one lucky man~I look better huh? xPThat's me~Bringin' laughter to his life.xDxDxD
Awww..so shy.. ^.*WanRong N me.She's in peace mode.Humph..This trio is actually real hard to get! Thx to MB's skill at deletin' pix! kekekWee N BranD doin' their 1234.Too soft!Probably the best pic here! Friends forever dudes! too bad not all of us are here~

Done! haha..thinkin' bout what's gonna happen after the next 5 months.Half of the year's gone already now.Everyone's goin seperate lives then..Haiz..Please people, don't ever,ever lose contact.Everyone!! I'll miss everyone dearly.. T.T