Island of Paradise~That's what it is.

Arhahahah! Recap of the past few days, Penang = food,food,food..That's all.Really. Haihz..missed fried porridge this time.Wierd huh? And did I mention,the girls there are hot?! hehehehh,not KL and TPC of coz~ Jogged on the Gurney Drive.Since we're stayin' just opposite.Enjoyed the mornin' sun,wind,rubbish* Pleakk* Yea,dumps at the end of the beach. x.X And gratz to my Biao Jie on her new C905! BlekK* Stop feelin' guilty la~And yes! I've got my 16gb pendrive!

KL : Thx for the songs.Jia you ba~Don't fail again.Btw,you look thinner already.hehehheh

BeiBei:Alrite alrite,I'll remove it. So can I read your blog now? =)

SinWei:I'll do yer tag later k~Fun time in Bali hor~kekekk

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