Just finish bathin'.GassSssh! This's da longest practice I've ever had! The toughest one too.And, FUN-niest one too.The march started from 2.30 ta 5++ ?!!???! Incredible! And I'll bet my lil' finger that we'll rule the field tomorrow! GraAaaAaagHhH!!!!! No SaCriFice No VICTORY !!!

I was so tired after that,no mood,no energy,no power,no joules.Sorry for the ignorance Ken.xD
Saw SukYen with BoonSan(name correct?) in the bus stop after that.What a lovely duo.Din' bother them either.But still,got a push from Suk.Had a coconut after ma' mum pick me up.Such chill~
Whew~so relaxin'~After that,it was bathin' n here I am. =P

Had a FOC BM seminar from some black dude dis' morn.Din' know it was free till our Pn.Miena told us.Heh,think its worth sacrificin' PJ after all.They were footballin' anyway~No interest in that. bLekK* Lucky this guy was funny,with all those gags,he's a speaker after all,gotta' know how ta' handle the crowd eh?But~he was mainly just there to promote his 'grand' seminar in UM next week. 26-4. Wats ur plan Di?

Gotta go fer now.Guitar claz.